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What is Bektasilik (Bektashi Order of Dervishes)?

Bektasilik is a mystic, humanist order. It is not a rigid, scholastic theology with an inflexible religious law but it is an answer to the seek of “perfectness in mankind” as to say Homo Perfectus. Bektashi says “everyone has to educate himself/herself to get closer to be a Homo Perfectus. This can not be done by solely learning but one has to exercise in life what he/she has gained as knowledge. So, you must get the knowledge but also, you must act as you have learned. To know how to be a good and gentle man does not mean anything unless you act as a good and gentle way. If your actions improve you will get closer to perfectness. To get closer to perfectness means getting closer to the Creator, the realm is to reach the Creator. Be One with the Creator. Then whatever is created is not different from the Creator.”

So, being a Bektashi is something to do with one’s life, not with the life after death.

Bektashi Dervishes represent one of the most remarkable phenomena in the history of Islamic spirituality, or Sufism. Introducing Islam to Turkish people ended with a new interpretation which afterwards was called Bektashism ( named after Hunqar Haji Bektash Veli (1209-71) –written in Turkish as Hacı Bektas Veli– and the life style following this interpretation was called Alevism. The spiritual teacher (or can be called master) of Hacı Bektas was Hodja Ahmet Yesevi who started the “Horasan School” which was a Dervish School of the time. (Horasan was at that time mostly populated by Turkish people) This school was a sufi school with Turkish students. Lessons were in Turkish, prays were in Turkish and women and men studied side by side. He was a good poet. He wrote his book called “Hikmetler” which became very famous at his time in Kazakhstan .

Haci Bektas carried these pratics to Anatolia and started to establish his order in Suluca Kara Hoyuk. This town is now called after Hacı Bektas’s name. At the time of Hacı Bektas, mojority of the people especially wealty people in Turkish land was writing, even speaking in Arabic or Persian. But the poor people or the folk people who did not have the opportunity of getting educated in Medrese, were speaking in Turkish. Haci Bektas started to educate these people and he did this in Turkish language. These people although became Islam, they were practicing islam in a simple way, and still they were exercising the old Turkish customs, where the status ow women were equal to men. The town of Haci Bektas in Turkey is the site of his tomb and is visited by many tourists.

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20 Kasım 2006 - Posted by | Bektaşilik ve Alevilik

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