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One of the most Interesting Books I have read :Gods of The New Millenium

By Alan F. Alford

About the author:
Alan F. Alford, B. Com., FCA, MBA, fas born in 1961 and educated at King Edward VI Grammar School, Southampton and the Universities of Birmingham and Coventry. Since he first visited the Pyramids as a fourteen-ear-old, he has travelled extensively-to more than twenty-four countries – in his quest to solve the riddle of humanity’s mysterious past. His research includes field trips to Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, China and Nepal. In addition, he has personally undertaken a ten-year study of the literature on the many opposing theories that attempt to explain the anomalous history of mankind.
Gods of tne New Millenium, Alan Alford’s first book, is the product of over a decade’s research.

About the book:

The appearance of Homo Sapiens 200.000 years ago defies the principles of evolutionary theory, whilst the Biblical account of divine creation defies the laws of physics. And yet we are here, and that fact needs to be explained. This book – the culmination of ten years of research – uses scientific evidence to ask and answer the most fundamental questions of human origins and history. Alan Alford’s earth-shattering conclusion is that we are the hybrid offspring of an extraterrestirial race, and that we may literally be about to meet our makers – the GODS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM.

My impressions about the book:

First of all although the book is 670 pages you can easily manage to read it because the subject draws your interest. For a foreigner, the english of the book is easy to read.

The main question of the book is, ” around 200.000 years ago, the hominid known as Homo Erectus suddenly transformed itself into Homo Sapiens with a 50 per cent increase in brain size, together with language capability and a modern anatomy. How could this have happened so suddenly after 1.2 million years of no progress at all? ”

This question is very important because mankind for so many years made slow changes and almost continued to have the same angle of inclanation in evolution for so much time,lived as hominids then as if all of a sudden, because it happens comparatively in a very very short time period, the evalutionary change in mankind is as if making a 90 degrees angle… and after this period, evolution of mankind is back again to its slow changing period… From scientific view this question does not have a proper answer… This book examines possibilities and gives some answers suggested by the author. You can share the answers of the author or not. But still the question lies there… And if you feel that you have an independent judgement, you have to think about your answer… This books at least guides you on the subject.

And, if you are interested in mystic philosophies like Bektashism, than it gives a good exercise to your brain. Because according to Bektashi understanding, first of the main rules is to “Think. It says:Do not accept anything without thinking on it”. ” Any belief can only be yours, after passing through a judgement filter“. This means if you are a Bektashi, you must not accept any belief just because your ancesstors have believed that way, but you have to examine it, think on it, and the conclusion you reach will be your belief. This is one of the amazing rules of Bektashizm which makes it so uniqe within the islamic world.



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